Our business philosophy is based on the strength of three elements in combination: People, Process and Software.

About us

Legadex: where legal innovation begins

The legal industry is ready for change. Out with expensive and old-fashioned practices; in with new thinking and services. Because just as in other corporate departments, developments in technology, big data and AI are triggering new ways of working within the legal department and driving a fundamental challenge to the established legal services landscape.

For those who are ready for an innovative approach to legal work, Legadex offers new and exciting ways to help you:

  • Achieve more with fewer people and a limited budget
  • Get your standard legal work done faster and more efficiently
  • Enhance the quality of your legal team and legal work within the company
  • Convince the rest of the business that you are an invaluable strategic partner
  • Attract and retain legal and paralegal talent in today’s ultra-competitive labour market.

Legadex: where legal expertise meets tech savvy

Legadex was founded in 2008 as the first ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider) in Europe. Today this innovation-based business model has a secure position in the legal market. From our head office in Amsterdam’s business district, we combine tech-savvy lawyers with new processes and leading technology so business leaders and legal departments can create lasting value for their companies. We serve over 300 publicly listed, private-equity-held and family-owned blue-chip companies, large and scale-up companies, financial service providers and investment funds.

Higher quality legal services at lower cost

As a team, we believe that the market for legal services is ripe for rationalisation and a radically new approach. And our clients do too. They come to us because they want to transform their way of working and have their legal work done in a more effective and efficient manner. They see the value in being pro-active and data-driven. They want transparency. They want to see consistency. They want to eliminate guesswork, increase compliance or outsource commodity tasks to a reliable partner so they can concentrate on value-adding work.

Six ways we can help you

Talk to us about how we can help you in any of the following ways, with a dedicated business line and team for each:

  • Legal Ops/ Tech Advisory & Project Implementation
  • Corporate Services (outsourced managed or in-house flexible)
  • Contracting Services (outsourced managed or in-house flexible)
  • M&A/ Transaction Services
  • Risk & Compliance Services
  • Flexible In-house Staffing Support

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If you would like to know more about a particular Legadex service or simply have a chat, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be delighted to meet in our office, your office or virtually.

The best legal counsel and paralegals to get your work done.

We use clear workflows and templates to increase quality and save time and money.

Legal Software and Legal Tech are hot. Many lawyers talk about it. We use it.

Luc van Daele

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