Our business philosophy is based on the strength of three elements in combination: People, Process and Software.

About us

Your legal innovation partner

Alternative legal services create options and opportunities for today’s hard-pressed corporate legal teams. Imagine that instead of spending hours on routine legal processes, you could be using advanced technology and savvy support to save time and money. Time and money that you then use to concentrate on legal strategy and adding value to the business. Sounds exciting, right?

Ready to do more?

As a first-mover Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP), Legadex is the ideal partner for any corporate legal team that wants to go further. Founded in 2008, we offer an alternative to the traditional law firm and the traditional legal service model. We replace traditional and inefficient ways of working with streamlined solutions that combine the best legal technology with the best legal minds. We replace opaque rates with transparent and competitive hourly fees, fixed fees and subscriptions. Our philosophy? To combine the strengths of People, Process and Software, and to share knowledge in online platforms, webinars and round-table meetings. Result: your innovation partner for managed and on-site legal services, legal-needs consulting and the advanced use of legal technology.

Contact Legadex for:

  • Legal technology consulting and implementation that draws on our partnerships with leading legal-tech providers and innovators
  • Off-site managed services for legal entity management, contract review, risk and KYC compliance and contract lifecycle management
  • Legal M&A services for deal acceleration, early pre-sale workflow optimisation and post-sale workflow integration
  • On-site support in the form of flexible and temporary legal counsel and paralegal support.

Join the legal-tech revolution

Legal technology has already transformed the way legal services are provided. Today’s digital solutions bring consistency, transparency, speed and flexibility to routine legal workflows. They reduce risk through automation and by increasing efficiency and reliability. And we know there is more to come with further advances in machine learning, AI, multi-language pattern-recognition technology and more that will improve processes and add technological muscle to legal departments. Isn’t it time you got on board?

Be in great company

The proof is in the pudding. We now serve over 300 corporate legal departments, private equity investors, family offices and law firms throughout the Benelux. They know they can count on us to bring innovation to the legal profession and to support them in their drive to increase their efficiency and impact. So, how can we help you?

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If you would like to know more about a particular Legadex service or simply have a chat, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be delighted to meet in our office, your office or virtually.

The best legal counsel and paralegals to get your work done.

We use clear workflows and templates to increase quality and save time and money.

Legal Software and Legal Tech are hot. Many lawyers talk about it. We use it.

Luc van Daele

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