Flexible and interim legal support

Aligning headcount with workload while also developing your role as a strategic business partner is one of the biggest challenges facing every corporate legal department. And that’s even more true when the workload is increasing yet budgets are being cut. There is a way to square the circle, however. Legadex flexible and interim staff can help you right size your team at every moment, cover planned and longer-term absences or upskill your capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your decision tree: flex, interim or managed?
When it comes to defining new ways of working, corporate legal teams can choose from flexible support, interim support or a managed services solution. Which you should opt for depends on your needs. The answer could even be a combination. Flexible support is ideal when you need short-term help to cover peak periods, or regular support for just a few hours each week. Interim support is ideal when you need to cover for an extended leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, or study, for example. A managed service solution can be a great way to run a recurring routine process like contract review or corporate housekeeping. You can read here about the specific benefits of managed services in legal.

Flexible support to manage peak periods and ongoing needs
When the workload is growing but the number of people available to do it is not keeping up, something must give. Either you increase headcount, put other work on the backburner, or you attempt to rush it, with all the risks that implies. But there is another way: hiring someone for the specific times you need them. Our experienced legal counsels and paralegals can support you for a few hours or days a week, on a short-term or open-ended basis, across all these typical corporate legal needs:

  • corporate housekeeping / legal entity management
  • contract review and contract management
  • legal reporting
  • GDPR compliance
  • KYC compliance
  • eliminating information backlogs
  • support in large projects
  • process improvement projects and the introduction of legal-tech

Interim support when you need extra hands for a specific period
Interim support is generally a longer-term solution for departments that need someone to cover for a colleague’s extended leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, study or a sabbatical, for example. You can use it to meet the same typical corporate needs outlined above, but then on a more planned basis. Interim support is also a great way to increase capacity when you lack the time or people to take on an important new project yourself. Projects like clean-slate process improvement, for example, or identifying and implementing new legal-tech solutions. Here, turning to Legadex staff offers a smart way to build capabilities.

What makes our flexible and interim legal support different
As an Alternative Legal Services Provider, we combine people, processes and software to replace traditional and inefficient ways of working with streamlined solutions that combine the best legal technology with the best legal minds.

At the same time, we are neither a staffing agency nor a traditional law firm and we also don’t place freelancers. This means that when our people are not working for you, they are working for us, inhouse, in our teams to support other Legadex clients. The benefits of this approach for you include:

  • Quick availability of experienced inhouse Legadex experts
  • Trained in and familiar with the latest legal-tech solutions and business software – likely including yours
  • Expert colleagues to back them up, spar with and learn from, which is good for the stability in our teams
  • A career path within Legadex, which is good for commitment and means you can always request a familiar face with the inhouse experience you are seeking.

Outstanding senior and junior legal counsels and paralegals
Finally, you may be wondering what kind of people work for Legadex. The short answer is outstanding ones. Our legal counsels have the legal experience and business acumen to step into both supportive and leading roles and enhance your organisation’s performance right away. This includes taking on a broad range of legal and organisational work.

Our paralegals and legal counsels are talented individuals who are trained to work smartly and quickly in line with your business processes. Being familiar with legal technology, they can often recommend better ways to work, including eliminating information backlogs and keeping popular information platforms like Sharepoint, Legisway, Diligent and others up to date.

As a firm, we can cover any industry or sector a client requires. Our specialisms are media, real estate, technology, life sciences, production, services, banking and insurance, investment firms and law firms.

Let’s talk about your needs
Fees for a Legadex junior and mid-career legal counsel range from €85 to €120 per hour, and from €120 to €185 per hour for senior legal counsel. Fees for a paralegal range from €75 to €100 per hour. We can also discuss daily and fixed fees. To find out more, contact Hans Martijn Roos or Luc van Daele:

Hans-Martijn Roos
T: +31 (0)20 820 8396

Luc van Daele
T: +31 (0)20 820 8396