Managed services

Legal Entity Management (LEM)

Getting and keeping a grip on your company’s legal entities and the documents that underpin the correctness of the legal structure is a cumbersome task. Now imagine the assurance and cost benefits of running your corporate housekeeping as a technology enabled managed service.

Legadex LEM services include full corporate database management in your Corporate Housekeeping system, regular updates of your corporate files, drafting and processing of corporate resolutions and minutes, document upload and the all-important reporting and public filing. Covering 20+ European jurisdictions.

LEM carefree package

Corporate Legal Entity Management

  • Keeping the corporate housekeeping database up-to-date ensuring completeness of underlying documentation
  • Managing regular sign-offs and executing ad hoc changes in database
  • Drafting and executing appointment/ resignation of management/ supervisory board members and/ or proxyholders
  • Support the full adoption process of annual accounts with stakeholders attending to timely public filings
  • Prepare for and execute all other mandatory public registrations and filings
  • Keep shareholders' interests up-to-date

Reports and audit support

  • Corporate Entity Chart production and overview of shareholder(s) interests
  • Overview of active and historical management/ supervisory board members/ proxyholders
  • Overview and status of annual accounts - adopted and filed
This package is available from €750 excluding VAT, per legal entity per year.
Additional and project services

Additional services include:

  • Incorporation of legal entities, additional (branch) offices including mandatory information and filings
  • Check if the shareholders' register and the public filings of the shareholders' interests are correct, complete and up-to-date.
  • Administer/ update/ correct changes in shares/ shareholder positions in shareholders' register
  • Check whether the Articles of Association are compliant with local law
  • Arrange for dividend or other distributions (e.g. share premium contributions)
  • Prepare documentation and arrange for dissolutions, legal (de)mergers or liquidations
  • Arrange for the public filings of parental guarantees and file or revoke declaration(s) of consent
  • Send/file annual accounts with regulators or other supervisory bodies
  • Draft, review and execute corporate documents (minutes, resolutions, intercompany and third party contracts (including notarisations and legalisations)
  • Draft, review and implement corporate policies e.g. for GDPR, KYC, UBO and other purposes
  • Manage and reply to KYC, UBO and other requests by banks, authorities and other bodiescorporate policies
  • Complete initial public UBO registration and keep registrations up-to-date
  • Arrange for LEI-registrations and timely renewals
  • Administer details on other boards and bodies (e.g. STAK, foundations, cooperatives, joint ventures or special purpose vehicles) 
  • Check whether all required (historical) corporate information and documents have been publicly filed and registered

Advanced reports, overviews and documentation for special projects

  • Draft and deliver bespoke reports and corporate charts e.g. for M&A, integration, de-merger, restructuring and refinancing purposes and for different stakeholders (Risk, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Tax,  Compliance, Audit etc.)
  • Overview of dormant, non-trading, orphan or otherwise excess entities (current and historical)

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