Legal Operations & Systems Advisory

Legal Operations, business process and system advisory
General Counsel nowadays are under considerable pressure to support their companies’ priorities and many encounter challenges maximizing the law department’s value to the business. Are you too looking for ways to grow the agility and output of your legal team while dealing with budget constraints? Then Legal Operations advisory may just be what you are looking for.

Legal Ops: why now?
New insights to visualize and optimize workflows, the use of legal tech software and opportunities to shift to business self-service mean you can now do more with your legal resources than ever before. Things that would once have required hours of (admin) work by a lawyer can be partly or fully automated or made self-service.

Consider the opportunity to be able to devote your time to where it matters most while resting assured that every day legal business continuous to run smoothly and compliance and risk processes are in place.

Legal Ops, to which goals?
Today, legal departments are using Legal Ops to:

Yet it is not always easy to know what would work best for your company and for your legal team.

Legadex Legal Ops consultancy: helps you see the forest for the trees - and find out where to start

Legal Ops workshop (2 hours)
It all starts with getting to know each other and learn where your challenges and wishes lie. This workshop is a great way to find out what can work for your company and your legal team and see what is needed to help you reach your goals.

The workshop takes you through the latest tech developments, benchmarks on what has worked for other legal departments and helps you select the areas in your company that will benefit most from a legal operational approach. At your request we can invite you for this sparring session that helps you select the areas and resources that will help most in your situation.

If you want to discuss if this is something that can be of value for you, please feel free to book time in Hans-Martijn Roos’ agenda here.

Business process consultancy, software selection and implementation of legal tech
Follow up with focused Legal operations consultancy from Legadex to zoom in on three elements of assessing the right solutions to your legal delivery goals and implementing these in your situation:

  • Business consultancy - an in-depth evaluation of your legal operations opportunities and potential efficiency gains
  • Workflow and software advisory - a detailed scoping of legal tech solutions and advice on what software to pick to automate the recurring processes that can save much of your time now and for the future
  • Software Implementation services - hands-on project management and support to get your solution(s) up and running effectively

Workflow consultancy
Takes your current work processes as a basis and finds smart ways to enhance and shorten these, taking out the ‘human admin’ by automating and freeing up both legal and business processing time.

How we can help you

  • Plot and visualise work processes from start to finish
  • Simplify and improve workflows that shorten turn around time
  • Draft and visualise templates and policies for ease of use by the business

Software Consultancy
Our Legal Ops and Software Solutions team continuously maps software that comes to the market and links the developments to current use cases taking into account the level of legal operational maturity that you want to reach. At the same time, we help you explore what you might want to do in the future. The result is that the choices you make today won’t stand in your way five years down the line.

Our legal operational maturity model has eight levels from left to right. In this diagram, we have coupled these to some of the legal tech software solutions on the market. There are many other options available, please feel free to contact us to find out more.

How we can help you

  • Making an inventory of your existing software, what can you do with what you have already and software options / quick wins i.a. connecting systems
  • Set up the requirements that work for your organization backed by best practices
  • Help you select the right software for your goals

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Large organizations often produce as many as 300+ contracts a week with costs ranging from a few hundred Euro to tens of thousands of Euro per contract. This usually is a fragmented process that can be daunting to control with contracts sent back and forth between stakeholders and no single owner. For many organizations enhancing and shortening the contracting process therefore is a key priority.

How we can help you

  • Transform the contracting process
  • Build compliance ‘by design’
  • Reach cost reductions
  • Shorten contracting turn-around time
  • Help you build the business case for (Tech) resources supported by a proper Return on Investment

Software Implementation service
Once you have chosen the right software tooling for your goals we can help you implement your system of choice quickly and thoroughly. We work closely together with you and the vendor to make this happen. Legadex offers implementation and optimization support for your preferred software, including project management and user training to give you a great head start. Please check the bar below for examples of tooling we have experience with.

Find out more
Contact us here to learn our experiences with the software tooling you have chosen.

Selection of software tooling