Legal/Paralegal support

More and more legal departments must cope with unpredictable legal work in an era of reduced budgets and staffing. Legadex flexible staffing services can help. We provide the right people with the right skills – on demand.

Flexible is the smart way to manage peaks and dips
When the workload is rising but the number of people isn’t, something must give. Either some work gets pushed onto the backburner, or it gets done in a rush. Our flexible staffing services offer a better way. They ensure you have the people you need just when you need them. An interim lawyer or junior or senior paralegal with the necessary experience to support you in these areas and more:

  • corporate housekeeping / legal entity management
  • contract review and contract management
  • legal reporting
  • GDPR compliance
  • KYC compliance
  • eliminating information backlogs
  • support in large projects
  • parental leave
  • part-time legal counsel or general counsel 

Part-time, full-time, on-site, online, short term or longer term. It´s all there for you to choose from.

Legadex flexible staffing services make the difference
Our seasoned legal counsel and experienced paralegals are employed by and work for Legadex, in our own teams. They are trained in and able to use the latest LegalTech solutions and business software – likely including yours – and when the need arises they have expert colleagues to back them up, spar with and learn from . They also know the difference between scale-up and established corporate environments and can operate easily in both. And because they work for Legadex, we can combine several clients’ part-time requirements to create a fulfilling full-time career. That’s good for the stability in our team and means you can always request a familiar face with the right in house experience.

The skilled people we offer

Outstanding legal counsels
Our legal counsels have the legal experience and business acumen to step into supportive and leading roles alike and enhance your organisation’s performance right away. This includes taking on a broad range of legal and organisational work if your company wants to expand an existing team for a specific project or period or needs the flexibility of a part-time inhouse legal counsel.

Savvy paralegals and junior legal counsel
Legadex has transformed the job of the paralegal into a recognised profession in the Benelux. Our paralegals and junior legal counsel are talented individuals who are trained to work smartly and quickly in line with your business processes. As pioneers in the use of legal technology, they can also recommend better ways to work, including eliminating information backlogs and keeping popular information platforms like Sharepoint, Legisway, Diligent and others up to date. Legadex paralegals and junior legal counsel are the perfect solution for legal administrative expertise and capacity challenges.

Let’s talk about your needs
Is your legal team struggling with the volume of work? Talk to us about how we can help you and the benefits of Legadex flexible services. For more information, best practices and benchmarks, contact Hans Martijn Roos or Luc van Daele:

Hans-Martijn Roos
T: +31 (0)20-8208396

Luc van Daele
T: +31 (0)20-8208396