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Discover Legadex M&A transaction services
The Legadex M&A team helps you to get ready for your M&A transaction, merger, refinancing or restructuring. We assure that all relevant documentation is collected, reviewed and properly presented in your Virtual Data Room. We are familiar with all leading VDR platforms including Datasite, Intralinks, HighQ dataroom, Drooms, Ansarada and iRooms. With the support of Legadex you save time and cost and you are well prepared for Due Diligence.

Secure maximum control and value from your virtual data room
Online virtual data rooms (VDRs) provide a fast, efficient, secure and transparent way for M&A sellers to push information to potential buyers. VDR solutions are also driving exciting new applications. We see advances in workflow and reporting applications. We see technology that enables advisers to make detailed searches and analyses of vendor documentation fast. We see that AI software is making it easier to automatically collect and categorise documentation, analyse contract clauses and identify potential risks.

Quality in, quality out: VDRs work best when filled by experts
Potentially, these developments improve control, efficiency, information quality and vendor due diligence while also reducing costs. Potentially, because experience shows that maximising the return on a VDR investment requires experienced and insightful support. It doesn’t matter how smart your VDR solution is, it will only ever be as good as the information placed in it. Quality in, quality out.

Maximise your M&A process with our specialist, tailored expertise
This is where Legadex comes in. Our M&A transaction team has over a decade of experience in handling VDR documentation for large and medium M&A transactions. We’re familiar with the issues because they are part of our daily work. We know what to be aware of when setting up and optimising a VDR – and how to prevent problems arising. We use the latest legal-tech software for classification and analysis, and we align staff experience to the requirements at each step in the process. We can deal with large volumes and scale down fast once the peak has passed. We know how best to employ AI and data analytics to accelerate document collection, ordering, renaming and blacklining. Long story short, we ensure you control your costs, meet your deadlines and execute your M&A transaction successfully.

Optimise your M&A with Legadex VDR documentation support

Optimise, accelerate, streamline and control throughout the M&A process. The Legadex offering for VDR documentation optimises all four phases of the M&A process:

Phase 1: Collect and organise your virtual data room
In this phase, we set up your VDR by defining your legal/ business folder structure. With your advisors, we determine which documents are relevant to your M&A process and then locate, collect and review them. We also index them, name them clearly and upload the documents to the appropriate folders within the structure to make your advisors’ work easier. This process can be done manually or with help from AI solutions. To comply with GDPR requirements, we also offer services to redact (blackline) personal data in the VDR. We can advise on the scope of the blacklining (this impacts the degree to which you can use AI for redacting) and employ a mix of technology-based and manual redaction, as necessary.

Phase 2: Invite external advisers and manage the Q&A process
Next, we invite external advisers from potential purchasers to begin reviewing the documents in the VDR. We can also ensure that any questions go to the people in your company you have previously identified as being the best qualified to answer them. 

Phase 3: Streamline the signing and closing process
We accelerate signing and closing by creating digital closing binders containing all the documents in your VDR. This ensures that all the necessary documents are offered for signing and that they are in fact signed.

Phase 4: Maintain one version of the truth going forward (post-closing)
The VDR process pulls together all kinds of company information and puts it in one place, ready to be examined by potential purchasers. But what about afterwards?  Why not continue to use and update this information post-transaction, in your day to day processes? Maintain one version of the truth rather than revert to multiple ones? We can help here too.

Every M&A project is unique, but we understand you want an idea of the likely costs in advance. We charge €75-95 per hour for junior paralegal support, and €125-175 per hour for management and senior legal support. To get the ball rolling, contact Morad Kada or Luc van Daele:

Morad Kada
T: +31 (0)20-8208396

Luc van Daele
T: +31 (0)20-8208396