Virtual data room services for fast-track restructuring and refinancing

Do you need to quickly restructure or reorganise your business? Our virtual data room and due diligence services help you to organise, manage and control the process. And do it cost-effectively.

Act now and survive the coronavirus crisis
Under the coronavirus pandemic, even the most successful companies are facing unprecedented financial challenges. So it is urgent that you secure your financial position. Whether this means debt-financing, an asset sale, equity financing, accelerated M&A, or going into administration, you need to do this quickly, securely, at low risk and at the lowest possible expense. Legadex can help when time is of the essence.  

Why Legadex?
Legadex accelerates transactions and saves you money. We help you move fast to set up a virtual data room and to process, review and report on large numbers of documents. This puts you in a stronger position to refinance or restructure now – or prepares you for what may become necessary as the economic downturn continues.  

As a legal service provider with more than 12 years’ M&A experience, we bring insight, speed, security and quality to your transaction information process, all at substantially less expense than working with a traditional law firm. Our specialists work for private equity, financial institutions, listed companies and family-owned businesses.

Take control and be Deal Ready
Our transaction team understands business documentation and can oversee your entire information process, from preparation to closing. We work in the world’s most popular virtual data rooms, including Merrill DataSite, IntraLinks, Imprima iRooms, Drooms and Ansarada. We deploy artificial intelligence software to simplify, automate and accelerate document collection and categorisation, to analyse contract clauses and to identify potential risks. We can help you identify red flags and risks, and proactively prepare you for your next steps.

Benefits for refinancing and corporate restructuring:

  • Be deal ready using the Legadex Deal Ready checklist©
  • Use data analysis to gain insight into key business information before restructuring
  • Get insight into your credit agreements and key business contracts
  • Set up an accessible VDR platform at low cost using Legadex Collaborate
  • Get standard templates for process letters, disclosure letters and other routine steps
  • Fast redacting (blacklining) options, including the use of artificial intelligence

Benefits for early and accelerated M&A:

  • Quickly create overviews of potential challenges and the applicable documents
  • Transparently structure and report key information such as cash flow and customers
  • Identify, collect and update information
  • We offer a fully-fledged secure collaboration platform for free

Benefits for administration and bankruptcy:

  • Efficient document support through insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Get help communicating with stakeholders (stakeholder management)
  • Get help preparing business units for possible divestment
  • We provide AI-enabled document review and insightful reports to the restructuring departments of banks, trustees and receivers  

How we help you fast-track your restructuring or refinancing ambitions

Legadex can help you optimise all four phases of the M&A, restructuring and reorganisation transaction process.

Phase 1: Collect and organise your virtual data room using the Legadex Deal Ready checklist
We begin setting up your VDR by defining your legal and business folder structure. Together with your advisors, we determine which documents matter in your transaction process. Then we locate, collect, review, index, rename and upload them to the right folders within your structure. This process can be done manually or with help from AI (artificial intelligence) solutions. To comply with GDPR requirements, we also offer services to redact (blackline) personal data in the VDR. We can advise on the scope of the blacklining and the use of AI, employing a mix of technology-based and manual redaction as necessary.

Phase 2: Invite external advisers and manage the Q&A process
Here we invite external advisers from potential purchasers or investors to begin reviewing the documents in the VDR. We ensure that questions are directed to the people you have identified as being the best qualified to answer them.

Phase 3: Streamline the signing and closing process
We accelerate signing and closing by creating digital closing binders in your VDR. These binders contain all the required documents. This both ensures that all the necessary documents are offered for signing, and that they are in fact signed.

Phase 4: Maintain one version of the truth going forward
The VDR and due diligence process pulls together a wealth of valuable company information and puts it in one place. But what about once the deal has been done? This is your chance to maintain one version of the truth rather than going back to having multiple ones, something that may prove more important than ever going forward. For example, we can help you process the transaction documents into your contract management and legal entity management tools. This establishes a central contract repository.

Flexible pricing
Every transaction is unique, which is why we promise a tailor-made price for your situation. To give an idea of the likely costs in advance, we charge €75-95 per hour for junior paralegal support and €125-175 per hour for management and senior legal support. Typically, a small project costs between €5,000 and €15,000. A large or complex one costs between €30,000 and €100,000. All figures exclude VAT. However, we are always happy to do a quick scan of your needs to provide a ballpark estimate. Start by contacting Morad Kada or Luc van Daele:


Morad Kada
T: +31 6 46 41 77 23


Luc van Daele
T: +31 6 20 61 31 36