Do routine commercial contracts take up too much of your time?

Are commodity contracts piling up for review because of other priorities? Do you lack the time to continually review and manage recurring contracts and have these approved, processed and signed according to your business legal principles? You’re not alone. As legal departments get tasked with doing more with less, lack of time for commodity review is a growing issue. Now the good news: you can do it faster, better and at lower cost with Legadex.

Legadex contract review as a service
Our contract review service streamlines the drafting and negotiating of routine contracts such as NDAs, DPAs and commercial contracts for purchase, IT, supply, distribution, logistics and lease, and saves your team and company time and money with ongoing contract monitoring.

Legadex managed services are an offsite solution that combine our legal expertise with a managed service platform, either yours or ours. We offer a single point of contact and the choice of either continuous reporting on agreed contracts or occasional support during peak periods. Under both scenarios, we can support you in two ways: 1), our experienced legal counsel works with you as a virtual, on-demand member of your legal team, or 2), we liaise directly with your business or contracting partner to cover the full process until signing.

Whichever combination you choose, our reviews cover all the usual points of attention and clauses that are specific to your business. We also apply your business principles and thresholds. In addition, we can deliver templates and implement playbooks, saving you – and your business – valuable time and cost with every recurring contract.

When to use Legadex contract review

  • You have too much other work to handle commodity contract reviews on time
  • You experience peaks and dips in your contract review work – but this does not justify hiring an extra employee
  • You want to reduce costs and redeploy staff on higher value work
  • You want better monitoring and reporting on your contractual risks and compliance
  • You want to create or optimise templates or deploy timesaving workflows
  • You want to create a playbook that eases the interaction with the business, drives self-service and smooths counterparty negotiations

What it costs
Our contract review services are charged at clear-cut fees, either at a fixed hourly rate or at a fixed price per contract or contract page.

Let’s talk about your needs
Legadex contract review as a service helps legal departments to cope with the relentless demand to do more with less. It’s fast, flexible, transparent and allows you to benefit from our contract review best practices and benchmarks. For more information on current projects, GC referrals and potential savings, contact Hans Martijn Roos or Luc van Daele:

Hans-Martijn Roos
T: +31 (0)6 31 00 35 80


Luc van Daele
T: +31 (0)6 20 61 31 36