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Legadex: A new generation of legal services

Legadex makes it possible to handle much of your legal work in a more effective and efficient manner, and at a reduced cost. This is especially true for your recurring legal work and for legal project work with high volumes of information like M&A and business integration. Our team has a strong focus on smart work processes and uses the most innovative legal software solutions in the market.

Legadex provides a range of legal services to match the current needs of companies, legal departments and law firms, including:

Managed services
Our managed services team enables you to completely outsource your international corporate housekeeping and contract management. Our services include the use of our state-of-the-art (effacts-based) online platform with 24/7 access to your information.

Flexible support
Legadex can provide lawyers and paralegals on a flexible basis: for a couple of days per week or month at your offices or working from our Legadex offices. And always at the required level of experience.

Engage the services of our lawyers and paralegals for a fixed term to solve your temporary staffing problems. For example, in case of maternity leave, during peak periods and to help out with time-consuming projects.

M&A services
Our M&A team provides you with the highest quality of Virtual Data Room (VDR) Services and Due Diligence support. We are familiar with all relevant VDR software and offer you innovative (artificial intelligence-based) due diligence and document review services.

Advisory and Implementation Services
We help legal departments to become more efficient and increase the quality of their work. As part of that, we help them define their working processes and provide execution power in getting their information platforms for corporate housekeeping and contract management up and running.

Permanent data room solutions
We are your specialist in data cleaning and building as well as updating your reliable source of company information. Using our permanent data room solutions, you can handle your daily operations, projects and corporate transactions in a much more transparent and efficient manner.

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