Due Diligence services

Legadex helps you increase the quality of Vendor Due Diligence as well as Buyer Due Diligence by applying techniques used in data science and Artificial Intelligence. We analyze unstructured information, find correlations, complete missing and outdated documentation, accelerate the review of contracts and other key information, and provide you with clear reports.  

Data analytics offers new possibilities for improving your grasp of all the information that is important during a sales process and using it actively. It is often difficult and time-consuming to analyze extensive documentation that is saved in a folder system and then draw the right conclusions from it. Legadex uses AI to conduct targeted searches of the information in many variants, using various techniques. This has major benefits for sales preparation.

Legadex can set up a document review platform (Technology Assisted Review, TAR) for you, in which all relevant information has been gathered, classified and made intelligently searchable. We can use search functions to generate reports on specific topics that are important to the sale. For example, a change of control analysis, an overview of warranty terms, contract dates and real estate portfolio analyses. These overviews can then be linked to the underlying contracts or other documents, at the clause level for example. 

In this way, you and your sales advisers (corporate banks, solicitors, corporate finance advisers, accountants) can carry out much more focused work during sales preparations and the negotiations will be supported by better information. You can also share the information, or reports on components, with bidders. This creates additional opportunities to present your assets in a well-founded manner, thereby reinforcing the trust of the buyer, increasing business valuation and minimizing legal risks caused by incorrect or missing information. 

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