Managed services

Now you can focus on your advisory work while we take care of the routine
Facing pressure to do more and more without getting bigger, legal departments that use managed services will be best prepared for the volatile economic period to come. From optimising routine administrative tasks to delivering high value legal support, managed legal services are a flexible and cost-efficient solution for scale up, medium and large enterprises. They promote compliance, help to manage risk and mitigate liability, improve control and drive up quality. Plus, they help your legal team to focus on what they want and need to be doing – adding value to the business with bespoke legal advice.

Managed services free up your time
Managed legal services are an offsite solution that combine experienced legal support with inhouse or managed service platforms that optimise commodity legal tasks. The result is similar to the “hub” and “hero” concepts used in marketing. The managed legal service provider looks after your administrative processes and commodity tasks (hub) offsite, while your inhouse team focuses on bespoke advice to management (hero). Other benefits include having always right-sized staffing, to cover peaks and dips in demand, and higher engagement among your inhouse team.

Legal entity management
Our legal entity management services take care of all or part of your routine corporate housekeeping, documentation and public filing needs. The service covers everything required to keep your legal entities in good legal standing, including full corporate database management, regular updates of the corporate files, drafting of corporate decisions and minutes, upload of your documentation, filing and reporting.   

Contract review
Legal departments regularly need to review large numbers of contracts in what is an essential but time-consuming task. Typical examples include NDAs, DPAs and commercial operational contracts for purchase, IT, supplier, logistics and lease. Our contract review services lift the burden. This flexible solution is delivered by our team of experienced legal counsel and is performed on demand. We check contracts against all relevant standard criteria, and we can include custom criteria as well.

Contract management
Our contract management services ensure the legal department and other company stakeholders have a full overview of key contracts and get alerts when action is needed. We can cover the full contract lifecycle for you, from drafting and negotiation through approval and signing to obligation management, retention and audit.

Risk and compliance management as a service
Is your legal team becoming overstretched because of mushrooming regulations and laws that demand additional compliance and risk management, such as KYC, third-party DD and GDPR monitoring? Being information and workflow based, these processes are easy to configure and run as an offsite managed service.

Create your custom solution

Is your legal team struggling to focus because of too much administrative and commodity work? Then it’s time to explore the benefits of Legadex managed legal services. For more information, best practices and benchmarks, contact Hans Martijn Roos or Luc van Daele on +31(0)20-8208396 or by email at or

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