Managed services

Legadex provides a broad range of managed legal services, including corporate housekeeping, contract management, document review and data classification, as well as implementation of your legal software.

We use smart software for recurring legal work. And we chart the interrelationships with the relevant financial, operational and compliance processes. This enables you to work according to clear structures, without duplications and at a low cost.

Our paralegals will also work through any data backlogs and make information accessible and reportable. If you wish, we’ll also keep your documentation in order on a continual basis.

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If you have any questions about our managed services, kindly let us know.

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Managed services

Our team of experienced paralegals and lawyers can handle all your corporate legal and legal administrative work, freeing up your team’s time to attend to strategic business needs. We work by remote access from our Legadex office in Amsterdam.

Legadex Online

Legadex Online provides legal and paralegal services remotely. We offer our convenient ‘software as a service’ platform as part of our services. Legadex Online delivers quality, flexibility and speed at a fixed monthly fee.

Corporate housekeeping

We stand for a systematic approach to your legal entity management. We have the right level of competence, software solutions and processes in place to make sure your corporate housekeeping is done in an efficient and compliant manner.

Contract management

We implement your contract management tools and put your central contract repository in place. We make sure that you get the right type of contract reporting, tracking of obligations, expiration alerts and that your signature authorization policy is in place.

Legal operations

We help you improve the output of your legal team and to enhance its way of working. We introduce standardized processes and workflows, a higher level of legal reporting and efficient allocation of work between your internal resources and the Legadex team.   

Legal tech advisory

We guide you through the vast landscape of legal tech solutions and give you independent advice about what is useful and what is not. Because we actively work with many of the systems within Legadex as well as those of our clients, you will benefit from our high level of first-hand experience.