Legadex and me

Anne Beverwijk, Junior Legal Counsel

What is it like to work at Legadex? We asked a few of our colleagues to describe themselves, what drives them and what they like about Legadex. Here, Anne Beverwijk gives her take on a career at Legadex.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee! Seriously! Plus I like my job because it is very different each day. I never know what to expect and no two days are the same because I have so many different clients. I like that. That variety.

Your background?

This is my first job since graduating from university, though I did work before that – as an intern in a legal tech company and as a legal secretary at a law firm. I got my bachelor’s degree at Groningen university and my master’s from the University of Amsterdam. I specialised in corporate law.

What brought you to Legadex?

A recruiter approached me and when I looked into Legadex, I saw it was a legal tech company that also did legal work. That really appealed to me. It’s something I had done during my internship and I like that part of the whole legal world. When you work in legal tech, you need to have an affinity for innovation – how can we do something more efficiently with technology? It’s a way of thinking, and so you work with colleagues who have the same approach. Legadex is also a great chance as a first jobber in the legal market to see different clients and different ways of working.

Anything surprising about your interview?

I can’t remember anything specific, but what got me on board was the opportunity to work with a group of people have an affection for innovation and legal work. That appealed to me very much. I actually think that for Legadex it can be quite hard to find people who really understand what we do. It was an advantage for me that I had already worked in legal tech before and I understood that the work in legal tech is legal but not only legal.

What do you do every day?

As I said, it’s very varied. For instance, I have just finished providing temporary support to cover for someone on parental leave, and I am now working for the same technology company as a flexible support. That’s two days a week, for now, plus I work for a client on a managed service basis, so with a colleague as a team. That client wants support with corporate housekeeping, and we work together – I provide the support on Monday, my colleague does it on Tuesday. I really like it that my work is varied.

Favourite things about working at Legadex?

We have the same mentality among my colleagues, we are a young group of colleagues – I would say most colleagues are between 25 and 35 – and the flexibility, the varies clients. Yes, I like it that one day I’m doing a managed service, and the next that I work with colleagues in challenging projects, and sometimes it is both in one day, and you learn how to manage that.

Your ambitions?

My ambition is to develop more knowledge within Legadex; I want to be a broad lawyer that understands the legal part, so I want to develop on that, especially on the corporate and contracting part, get more knowledge of technology and how to use it and because you work with many legal departments you get to see all the different styles and approaches. The law is always the same. It is the approaches and legal processes within a company that are different, and being at Legadex helps me to learn about them. I see myself staying in this role for the next three to five years. I see myself remaining where innovation is important.