Morad Kada - Professional Support Lawyer Corporate

My name is Morad Kada. I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in private law in 2015. During my degree, I specialised in corporate law.

After having graduated, I joined the Banking & Finance practice of an international law firm. During my first job, I became heavily involved in legal tech, such as contract automation and digital transaction management. I developed a broad interest in legal innovation and soon crossed paths with Legadex.

Legadex is a pioneer in legal services innovation, a highly dynamic field that appeals to me greatly. During the application process, my interviewers and I talked about the exciting opportunities that would be available to me at Legadex and how hiring me would benefit Legadex. I expressed a particular interest in building on my transaction experience and developing my skills in corporate law. They offered me all the scope I needed and we got along really well from the start.

I joined Legadex as a Professional Support Lawyer Corporate in April 2018. Right after I had joined, I was stationed at the legal department of a financial institution that had engaged Legadex for three days a week. My responsibilities included implementing supervisory legislation, performing due diligence activities and doing general legal work. It was a fun and informative period and I gained valuable experience to boot.

I am currently involved in an M&A transaction; our job is to analyse and review a massive collection of contracts using Artificial Intelligence, which is a highly efficient and accurate way of identifying relevant clauses from thousands of contracts and ensuring that the client has a proper understanding of them in the context of its business objectives. That is what legal tech is all about and exactly why I joined Legadex. The learning curve is steep in terms of both subject matter and different forms of legal tech software.

Speaking from experience, I would say that Legadex offers an inspiring and informal work environment. Its broad client base allows you to learn about different kinds of work and corporate cultures over a short span of time. The work is varied and inspiring. In short, Legadex offers the perfect combination to develop yourself as a professional.

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