Legadex celebrates its first decade in style

Surrounded by Dutch masters from the Golden Age, a group of ‘young masters’, clients and business relations came together in Amsterdam’s Hermitage Museum this spring to celebrate Legadex’ 10th anniversary.

Photos Mirjam van der Linden

Spring sunlight flooded into the gallery in the palace on the Amstel, highlighting and focusing attention on the group, just as the most famous Dutch master of all, Rembrandt, did in his paintings a few hundred years ago. “He was constantly innovating,” exhibition curator Birgit Boelens told the group, who listened with rapt attention. She was showing them masterpieces from the museum’s St Petersburg collection, briefly back in the Netherlands for the first time in centuries. A very special moment indeed! 

Legadex 10-year anniversary at the Dutch Masters exposition at the Hermitage, Amsterdam.

Hans Martijn Roos (Legadex): “Together with this room full of ‘young masters’, we’re preparing to step into a new world.”

Birgit Boelens (Hermitage): “Once upon a time, you’d come across Dutch masters all over the world. Thousands of paintings were sent to every continent. We’re immensely proud that we’ve now been able to bring 63 of these exceptional works back to the Netherlands for a short time.”

Birgit Boelens (Hermitage): “The most accomplished of these Dutch masters defied the rules of their age. They really knew how to touch people’s souls, packing absolutely everything into a single painting – emotions, a story, a specific theme, characters – the lot.”