Run board meetings online with a board app

The new way of working created by Covid-19 means companies need to take a different approach to board meetings. Fortunately, there are excellent digital resources to hold board meetings online and to ensure all relevant documents are available digitally. Even better: simple solutions can be up and running in just a few days.

Even in the current socially distanced society, board of management and supervisory board meetings must proceed as planned. Delays must be avoided; clarity on decision-making must be safeguarded. But with the distribution of physical documents hard to do, and in-person meetings hard to arrange, how can you ensure that meetings proceed effectively?

If, as a Company Secretary or corporate lawyer, you are struggling with how to deliver important documents in time for people to prepare for an upcoming meeting, or wondering how you are going to get documents signed, then a board app might be just what you need.

A board app is a safe online environment in which you can collaborate efficiently and smartly as you prepare for and hold board meetings and supervisory board meetings. Here are some of the things you can do via a board app:

  • Create, edit and send board documentation
  • Review documents and share comments
  • Link documents to agenda items
  • E-vote
  • E-sign
  • Work online and offline
  • Get the latest updates of board documentation anywhere, anytime on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Consult decision-making and background documents after a meeting
  • Collaborate with works councils on decisions or intended decisions that involve them

Legadex can help you to select and implement the right board app for your needs, such as Diligent Boards, Computershare BoardWorks, Euronext iBabs Board Portal software or ContractZen. We can also help draft and send documents and take minutes of meetings in the board app.


More information?

Our colleague Peter Schepens has a complete overview of board app solutions. He can help you to select one that suits your company, set it up for you and make it ready for use. You can reach him at pschepens@legadex.com.