Legadex services for private equity firms and portfolio companies

As a private equity firm, you look for profitable investment and divestment opportunities. As a PE portfolio company, you focus on building your business. In both cases, you need transparency, fast access to information, efficiently organised legal processes and assured compliance. We can help. Our legal services portfolio ensures you are primed for efficient growth and speedy divestment.

Legadex is your cutting-edge Legal Service Provider that combines legal expertise with the latest legal-tech solutions. Our services include optimising and managing the legal processes of PE portfolio companies. We help organisations to be M&A-ready and to allocate their legal budget in a clever manner. Our services include optimising and managing the legal processes of PE portfolio companies and helping both them and their PE investor firms with transaction preparation. Whether working on the sell or buy side, we can support you with legal consultancy, flexible legal and paralegal support and full outsourcing solutions that are efficient, transparent and at predictable cost. Here are some ways we can help you:

1. Get organised: optimise the key legal processes of your portfolio companies
Optimise your contract management, legal entity management, risk & compliance and KYC so that you are a), always compliant and b), have the necessary information immediately available when it is time to sell. This ensures compliance at all times and saves time and money later.

2. Time to sell? Improve and accelerate the divestment process
Working with your accountants, banks and law firm, we organise and accelerate your virtual data room (VDR) process. We ensure that your portfolio company is optimally prepared and organised for exit. And as our legal experts are also project managers, they help your advisors gather the right information and classify, index, redact and sort this as needed. Our lawyers and back office team are used to working under pressure and understand that confidentiality is crucial. 

3. Optimise your PE firm’s own legal processes
Just like their portfolio companies, private equity firms need to perform legal entity management, contract management, contract review, KYC projects and so on. We advise on innovative legal-tech platforms, the contracting process, risk & compliance, KYC and other in-house needs. This eases the administrative burden on your in-house legal counsel so they can focus on their advisory role instead. With our strategic focus on optimising processes, we understand the trends, challenges and players. 
Our goal is delivering key intelligence to guide your decisions. →

Services for PE and participations

Our legal services for private equity are ideal for PE firms and portfolio companies that either: 

  • need to move fast to prepare and secure a sale
  • do not have an in-house lawyer or legal team
  • want to refocus their legal counsel on advisory work.

Our cost-effective fees are transparent and easy to understand, and we work on a consultancy, flexible staffing or managed services basis depending on need. Here are some of our key services:

→ Legal entity management 
Legadex can take care of your recurring international corporate housekeeping, documentation and public filing needs. This service keeps your legal entities in good legal standing. It includes full corporate database management, templates for corporate legal documentation, regular updates of corporate files, drafting of corporate decisions and minutes and document upload, filing and reporting.   

→ Contract review
Reviewing NDAs, DPAs and commercial contracts is an essential but time-consuming task for legal. Our contract review service lifts the burden with checks against standard and custom criteria, while for large review needs, our automated contract review platform accelerates and improves the review and negotiation process. 

→ Contract management
The Legadex contract management service ensures that portfolio companies and PE firms can always count on having a clear and full overview of key contracts and relevant provisions. They also get alerts when action is needed. This service covers the full contract lifecycle, including drafting and negotiation, insertion of contracts and contractual terms into your systems, and reporting and audit.

→ Risk and compliance management
We can help your legal team stay on top of fast-changing regulations for compliance and risk management. Think of KYC, UBO, third-party DD and GDPR monitoring, including guidance and implementation of compliance tooling and ongoing flexible support to manage the related day-to-day work streams.

→ Virtual data room services
Online virtual data rooms (VDRs) provide a fast, efficient, secure and transparent way for PE sellers to share information with potential buyers. We’re familiar with the VDR issues because we deal with them every day. We use the latest legal-tech software for classification and analysis, and we align staff experience and project management to the requirements at each step in the process.

→ AI-powered due diligence 
Due diligence is time-consuming but crucial. But now, with the application of legal AI, we can turn time-consumed into time gained. Legadex is a front-runner in adopting artificial intelligence technology and we now offer Luminance, the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Luminance accelerates due diligence document review with time savings of up to 75%. It combines supervised and unsupervised machine learning to understand legal data and reveal key information such as datapoints, clauses and anomalies. 

More information?
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