Legadex and me: Noora Mäki, Legal Counsel

What is it like to work at Legadex? We asked a few of our colleagues to describe themselves, what drives them and what they like about Legadex. Here, Noora Mäki shares her thoughts on building a career at Legadex.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee! Actually, I’m a morning person. Workwise, I like the dynamism, the tempo, and knowing that things are going to happen today. I like that the day will be full of surprises and that I will be diving into our clients’ their legal work.

Your background?

From Finland. I obtained a master’s degree in Law from the University of Turku and did a number of internships abroad, so moving abroad always seemed likely. I have always been eager to work internationally.

After graduating I worked for a law firm and then for PWC, in Helsinki. After that I worked in the court system, which helped to give me a good understanding of how the law works as a whole. I moved to the Netherlands to be with my boyfriend and I spent my first year here rooting myself in the Dutch culture and language while studying for a master’s in EU Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. I also worked inhouse for a company here. I found I like the combination of business and law more than I liked working for a law firm.

What brought you to Legadex?

I saw an advert for a job and applied. I came for an interview, and then another interview. I had other options, but I chose Legadex because I wanted to do contract law, in particular, and Legadex offers this, along with M&A and corporate work. Legadex is quite unusual in offering contract law; most comparable companies don’t offer this.

Another factor is that inhouse teams are often really small. This means that you can only improve yourself up to a certain point, after which the learning curve slows down because there is no one to learn from. At a certain point, you want more people around you to discuss things with and who you can learn from.

Anything surprising about your interview?

Not about the interview itself, but the general vibe as positive, and I was positively surprised by everything that Legadex is doing. I had two interviews and I remember leaving both of them feeling very excited. You don’t always get that!

What do you do every day?

I do contract work for a couple of regular clients. For one, I am an extra hand for their legal team, mainly by assisting with contracts. For the other, they send me contracts that I then check for red flags. I provide feedback to their legal team and, if necessary, ask the external party to clarify and explain an element of a contract. I also assist with ad hoc projects for other clients.

Favourite things about working at Legadex?

I like the fact that my work is varied and challenging. I also like the fact that I have senior people above me that I go to with questions, and colleagues to work with – the teamwork and the opportunity to discuss things.

I didn’t join Legadex because of how it uses technology, but being here has made me appreciate it much more. It has made me understand how old-fashioned the legal profession is and I am learning how much legal technology can do. We’re often testing systems, getting demos from different providers and comparing different solutions. I think that the increasing use of technology is the future of law and we need to pay more attention to it.

Your ambitions?

I want to learn more about legal technology and how to make the best use of it. At the same time, I want to grow as a contract lawyer. I also want to learn about other companies and learn from my colleagues how we, as legal counsel, can help our clients. I am also learning Dutch, and that is going pretty well!