Rik van Vianen - Legal Counsel

What is it like to work at Legadex? We asked a few of our colleagues to describe themselves, what drives them and what they like about Legadex. Here, Rik van Vianen gives his take on a career at Legadex.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The fact that I don’t know what to expect of the day. I get bored pretty easily if I’m doing the same thing over and over again, so I like the fact that I don’t know exactly what it will bring. I do know it will bring new things to learn, new questions I haven’t answered before and opportunities to develop myself.

Your background?

I have a master’s in civil and corporate law from the University of Groningen. Afterwards, I got a job at GasTerra, a wholesaler of natural gas, where I worked for almost four-and-a-half years as legal counsel. My primary focus was on (re)negotiating all kinds of commercial contracts. I moved to Legadex in January 2019.

What brought you to Legadex?

I wanted to move to Amsterdam as most of my friends had moved there after study. So, I was looking for a job opportunity in the Amsterdam area. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, so I was thinking of interim work. The downside of that is that with most interim employers you normally don’t have any interaction with your colleagues. You are moving around from assignment to assignment and if you don’t have any work, you are just at home. Then I came across Legadex on LinkedIn and thought “wow, this might be what I am looking for”, because Legadex doesn’t only do flexible support for a variety of clients, it also focuses on specific services of which a lot are related to commercial contracts and is involved with legal tech. It looked interesting because of the different sectors Legadex works in, the opportunity it offers to see a lot of different corporate cultures and because of its high-profile clients – it’s not easy to get a job at those companies when you just started your career.

Anything surprising about your interview?

The fact that Luc and Hans Martijn confirmed that there was not only an in-house team, but that the team consists of only young and eager counsels and that they also saw a role for me in helping to develop our more junior legal counsel. That wasn’t what I expected when I went for the interview, but turned out to be a big plus.

What do you do every day?

I mostly do flexible support jobs. I focus mostly on commercial contracts. I don’t do a lot with the legal tech yet, but hope to be able to implement that in my day to day work soon. At the moment, I am working for three different clients, all from home. I spend 3 days a week with one client, eight hours with another that I can allocate over the week and the third I have to fit in somewhere in between. It is sometimes hard to combine multiple clients in the same week, but I really like the challenge.

Favourite things about working at Legadex?

Workwise, it’s the diverse, high-level client base we have. It’s not that common to have the opportunity to get to know those companies, their corporate environment and the work they are doing. Also, there is a lot more at stake and the challenges are bigger than with smaller companies. But even more important for me is the fact that we have such a great internal team. Everyone in the team is still  young, eager to learn and eager to develop. It’s also a very informal setting. Even management isn’t really management – they are easy to talk to with no hurdles at all. For me, Legadex is outstanding. We have drinks together, get along well with each other and everyone is willing to help out – if you’re at a client and have a question, you can always ask your colleagues.

Your ambitions?

I’m not someone who plans the future. I just like to challenge myself. If I become bored, that’s the time to look for something different. But at the moment there are enough opportunities for me at Legadex. I can explore unknown sectors, develop myself learning to work with unknown contracts, help Legadex to implement promising plans and grow into a  more advisory role within an organisation.